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BEAR BAIT:  Graham Cracker Cookies, approx. 13 gallon, plastic feed bag, smell great.  Limited supply.  $11.99

May 3, 2017


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BEAR BAIT: approx. 22 gallon of trail mix, wihich can contain any of the following, there is always a sample available,  wide variety of mixed nuts, dried fruit, and sometimes a bit of candy.    Bears love this mix for the nuts, it competes with the natural acorn crop.   These bags aprrox. 110 to 115#.  1 bag for $45.00 or 2 bags of $80.00, no barrel deposit, and this will fit in your car, SUV, or under your truck topper.  Call ahead for availability.  Our trail mix DOES NOT contain any extenders like popcorn, etc.

BEAR BAIT:  20# Box of these delightful bits of graham cracker cookies.  Approx. 9 gallons in a box,  $8.99 a box, or 2 for $15.99 approx. 6 boxes make a barrel of bear bsit at $47.97 with no clumsy barrel to haul around.

Dec 15, 2016

Bags of Loose Granola

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BEAR BAIT: Approx. 13 gallons of loose granola in a plastic feed sack bag,  it will always be loose granola, but as it is scrap product  it varies .  $16.99 or 5/$72.00

Nov 18, 2016


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BEAR BAIT: 25# box of almonds with a vanilla scent to them. $8.99

Nov 18, 2016


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BEAR BAIT: Trail mix may contain, some of, or alll of the following, various nuts, sunflower seeds, various dried fruit, various candy, and assorted cracker sticks.  Comes in approx. 6 gallon bags.$12.99 a bag.  Our trail mix DOES NOT have any extenders in it like, popcorn, etc.

BEAR BAIT: Plastic bags of this great light weight bait, are approx. 14 gallons. 2 for $19.99

BEAR BAIT: Totes contain 14, approx. 14 gallon bags of this great, easy to work with, lightweight bait.   Bears go crazy for it. $145.00  SOLD OUT -- BACK IN STOCK SOON

Nov 18, 2016


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BEAR BAIT: Totes of bulk bear bait, the cake ice cream cones, approx. 5 barrels in a tote, so that's $27.00 a barrel at $135.oo a tote. Call for availability and appointment to pick up totes. SOLD OUT --- BACK IN STOCK SOON

Nov 18, 2016


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BEAR BAIT: Woven plastic feed sacks, no ripping.  Approx. 14 gallons in a bag, approx. 4 to 5 bags makes a barrel.   Cookies may contain some of or all of the following, chocolate chip, oreo, or sugar cookies, but they are 100% COOKIES, no ice cream sandwich wafers.   They are cookies. $13.00

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