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Dec 28, 2022


Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT: Approx. 50# bags of sunflower seeds, what do you think bears go after bird feeders for  $30.00

BEAR BAIT: 25# box of dried sweetened cranberries, "craisins".  Good way to add natural fruit to your bait site. -906  friendly--sold out

Mar 26, 2022


Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT:  Boxes of sweetened dried blueberries, great way to add blueberries with out any mess.   906 FRIENDLY

Dec 23, 2021


Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT:  Totes of caramel corn, heavy with the caramel.  Totes weigh 500-800, WITH EXCEPTIONS EITHER WAY   Priced accoring to size of tote FULL TOTE PRICE, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE SELL CARAMEL CORN, AND THE BEARS LOVE THIS, DON'T MISS OUT.906 FRIENDLY

BEAR BAIT: Bags of dehydrated cereal marshmallows, approx. 13 gallons in a bag lightweight, easy to use bait, bear love these little pieces of sweetness.,  906 FRIENDLY  2/32.99

BEAR BAIT: Totes of cereal dehyrated marshmallows.  The bears love these little pieces.  Approx. 6 barrels in a tote $199.99.    906 FRIENDLY

BEAR BAIT:  approx. 14 gallon bags of blueberry burst candied popcorn,  It's got a candy coating and a few of our special ingredients that bears just can't resist.  3/34.99 906 FRIENDLY -sold out

BEAR BAIT: Approx. 14 gallon bags of wild cherry bomb candied popcorn,  a cherry candy coating popped right on this with a few extra ingredients. 3/34.99 906 FRIENDLY


Feb 21, 2021


Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT:  approx. 21 gallons of sugar cones in a easy to handle non rip sack.  2/38.99

Feb 21, 2021


Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT: approx. 13 gallon in a non rip sack, 3/56.99 OR 5/79.00

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We have a large selection of quality bear bait,at the best prices, that has been tested by real bear hunters in the U.S. and Canada. We also sell the complete line of Big Bear Scents attractants. We strive to have the highest quality bait and a reasonable price, and have staff that is knowledgeable in bear hunting/baiting. 

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