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Jun 4, 2023

Vanilla Chips

Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT:  25# boxes of vanilla flavored chips ( same size as chocolate chips). 3/$27.00  sold out

Mar 7, 2021


Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT: 30# BOXES OF CANDY CORN, easy way to add a little flavor to your baits 3/24.00. 906 FRIENDLY -NO MIXING    Sold out

Mar 7, 2021


Published in Bear Bait Samples

BEAR BAIT: Approx. 30# boxes of gumdrops or fruit slices, same product, differnt shapes. 3/26.00 906 FRIENDLY NO MIXING      Sold out.  

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As our inventory is constantly changing as we sell our products please check back often for an updated inventory & price sheet.

About Our Bait

We have a large selection of quality bear bait,at the best prices, that has been tested by real bear hunters in the U.S. and Canada. We also sell the complete line of Big Bear Scents attractants. We strive to have the highest quality bait and a reasonable price, and have staff that is knowledgeable in bear hunting/baiting. 

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