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EZ Pallet Unsure of what to buy, great combination of quality bear bait.     .. Product #: EZPALLET based on 0 reviews Regular price: $199.99 $199.99

EZ Pallet

Product Code: EZPALLET

Price: $199.99

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The EZ PALLET has a great combination of quality bear bait, not left over or clearance products . This is approx. 1000# of quality bear bait.

Included in EZ Pallet, 8-30# boxes candy corn, 10-25# boxes vanilla chips, 2-20# pails of cream cheese filling, 4-25# boxes dried fruit, 4-bags approx. 21 gallons of sugar cones, 2-bags approx. 13 gallons of loose granola, and 2-bags approx. 13 gallon cookies. 



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